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Struggling with a family problem?

Do these feelings whirl round in your thoughts?

  • I don’t understand my son/daughter any more
  • Why can’t he/she see it is their fault?
  • I can’t seem to explain to her/him how I feel
  • Why am I not believed?
  • I feel I’m a good parent and get nothing in return
  • Our relationship with our son/daughter has changed since he/she became a teenager
  • We want back the good relationship that we had before
  • I feel the family relationship is being made difficult because of the constant arguments with our children.


You are not alone, these are common reactions when family issues emerge, particularly through the teenage years.

I want to change my relationship with my children for the better, but how?

These may be the thoughts and questions you may have running through your head about love and your family. These relationship worries are common and shared by many people. You may now be feeling that the time has come to take action to improve things, and counselling is an excellent way to proceed. Let me explain why counselling is a powerful way forward, and commend you on your courage to decide to look for a positive change.

As children grow they develop their own personalities and have a rising need for their own space, plus they can reflect their parents; this can sometimes be challenging.

Who makes the first step?

Usually one or other parent. It is better if both of you come and bring your child or children with you, and I will talk this through with you before you come.

I will work to build a positive rapport and trust with you. My sessions are conducted in a safe and confidential environment, and I promise to offer you my empathy, genuineness, and understanding. You’ll all soon start improving your relationship with each other.

Listening and understanding will lead to a positive change

I will help you explore why, for example, the conflicts arise between parents and children, and help you understand why relationships between parents and children constantly change. By listening and sometimes challenging, we’ll together, identify the imbalance, feelings of hurt, and problems in the relationship. I will help you understand how to find opportunities so that everyone wins.

Adults have coping mechanisms but children do not, and they do suffer when relationships go wrong. By starting now to improve things, all parties will feel better about themselves.

Time to act

Don’t hold back. It is time now to take your first decision to powerfully rebuild your relationship with your children. Find the courage to decide to write to me below to arrange a 10 minute private conversation, or phone me on 020 8440 0495 (you may need to leave a message). Let us both see how I will help you and your family take the first powerful step towards changing your future relationships for the better.


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About Anita

Anita Jackson is a trained consultant and has a PGDip Psychosynthesis Counselling and Teacher/Dip Imagework. She is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).