Discovering the Miscommunication that prevents Your Joy!
(in business and at home)

Business Workshops


Who should attend?

This workshop will be immensely useful for Teams of Executives, Directors, Manages and Sales, etc where improved relationships build greater profits.

The Workshop

Do you and your staff relate well?

Business relationship Workshops will increase team performance. This means that your team will simply do better when working and negotiating with their colleagues, managers, subordinates and clients.

In reality this means that team negotiations will go more smoothly because your executives understand the other party fully.  How teams relate influences respect for each other eg difference, as well as peace, harmony and happiness. This creates a business environment where successful and profitable outcomes are achieved.

Workshop Content

These are half day structured workshops on specific relationship themes and follow an established pattern:

  • Introductions
  • Split attendees into threes to explore topic
  • Start by breathing silently for 3 minutes without speaking and letting go of thinking
  • The workshop then explores: communications, building personal responsibility, handling misunderstandings, avoiding assumptions, and getting people to accept they can and should work with feelings
  • Carry out one to one exercises on the topic, with onlookers benefiting
  • Give feedback to other delegates and course leader

To request a Workshop or more information

Phone us on 020 8440 0495 soon to arrange a workshop or to discuss your requirements.