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Business Mediation Service

diplomatically resolve modern commerce problems that cause stress and loss of profit


Relationship Issues

discreetly calm emotionally draining relationship conflicts in modern life.

Troubled relationships can affect people in almost any part of their life. For couples and families who find it hard to make their relationship, or their relationship with their children work, or businesses where profit draining conflict gets in the way of smooth running, it is knowing how to amicably resolve life’s problems. And with the current economic climate there is a temptation to live with a bad relationship,which without help, may only continue to get worse when it could be transformed.
This is where I come in. My counselling assists resolve conflict and bring relief, helping personal relationships work better, and organisations increase their efficiency. Sometimes my clients tell me they feel they are being believed for the first time. Don’t wait until a problem becomes seemingly unmanageable. The sooner you start, the sooner you will feel worries and conflict falling away. Take action, get in touch now. You will be glad you did.




Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship by Anita Jackson

I imagine your relationships are important to you. Yet relationships seem to be challenging for lots of people, and I have been no different.



I have endeavoured, in this book, to explore all the things I have found useful in a journey to a loving relationship. I trust that in these pages, you will find useful ideas and tools to rekindle the magic in your relationship.

“…Thank you Anita, I loved your book Rekindle the Magic. You write with a level of clarity and honesty that is both helpfull and refreshing. I’ve learned what it takes to make relationships work. (My wife thanks you as well !) ” – Darrell Wingerak

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