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(in business and at home)

Case Studies

Set 1 – Personal Counselling Case Studies


Case Study 1

An alternative diagnosis

Mr Jones (not his real name) came to see me because of one reason that was worrying him, and left with a different reason.  He had a pain in the chest, and the doctor had advised there was nothing medically wrong, and it was in the mind, leaving Mr Jones angry with the doctor, but prepared to visit me to discover if there was another side to this chest pain… 

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Case Study 2

Choosing better relationships

Aged 57, Susan had been with a violent manipulative husband and left him 7 years earlier, but had not moved on in her mind, and she didn’t feel able to do much about changing things. She felt she was a victim, felt bullied at work, and also saw her sister as a bully. Communications with her ex-husband were difficult. She wanted a different relationship with a man but felt she wasn’t attracting the right sort… 

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Set 2 – Business Mediation Case Studies

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