Discovering the Miscommunication that prevents Your Joy!
(in business and at home)

Business Case Studies

Case Study 1


Corporate employee found dead at the bottom of a lift shaft

Corporation’s Concerns

  • Anxious to give the right support and guidance to employees especially in this time of distress

  • Eager to give employees the opportunity to air and resolve any issues and concerns

  • Nervous to protect their reputation as a people-focused company

  • Horrified that this unfortunate incident might turn into a nightmare

  • Afraid that good relationships with the men may be at risk

  • Alarmed that the job would slow down

  • Dread that the job would not get completed on time

  • Fretful that the men wouldn’t work well or leave

  • Frustrated…wanting to do the right thing by moving key Manager (friend of employee who died) but Manager wanted to stay with the men and complete the job

Resolution (2hrs)

  • Facilitated Manager to become clear as to why he wanted to remain with the men and on the scene of his friend’s death, though he was unable to explain why.  It was present in the way of the elephant in the empty room that no-one else could see.  Through facilitation it emerged he wanted to create an epitaph for his friend

  • Enabled Director to see Manager’s reason for staying on this job

  • Demonstrated to Director how this could benefit the Company, men and Manager.  He took this on board and carried it forward

  • Supported Managers with their shock, concerns, sadness, pain and loss

  • Assisted distressed employees with their shock, concerns, pain, sadness and loss

  • Empowered these employees in finding a powerful way forward

Case Study 2


Local Government employee accused by his manager of a dismissable offence

Employee suspended, awaiting hearing

Local Government’s Concerns

  • Angry and afraid of the employee

  • Anxious to be seen to do the right thing by giving him support

  • Terrified that he would cause problems for Management

  • Dread that his negativity would rub off on the team

  • Horrified that he could turn into a “terrorist” and destroy the Department (and his own career) Resolution (6 x 1 hour sessions)

  • Made it possible for him to overcome his “terrorist” attitude towards management

  • Assisted him in transforming challenging issues in his private life which greatly contributed to his attitude at work

  • Supported him in taking responsibility for his thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Guided him in finding love for his work, himself and his life

  • Aided him to take responsibility for himself and not blame management at the hearings

Resolution (6 x 1hr sessions)

  • He was found not guilty, and this enabled him to return to work effectively  Facilitated him in visioning his role at work and (for him) the surprising promotion he wanted to achieve (he had lost his ambition and will)

    Empowered him, on returning to work, to give similar guidance to colleagues and build a cohesive team

  • Allowed him to achieve his promotion and a job he coveted within weeks of his return

Case Study 3


NHS Manager/Sister attacked by member of the public (walk-in patient)

NHS’s Concerns

  • Anxiety about her anger having an adverse affect on team

  • Fear that this will have a negative impact on patients

  • Nervous about giving her proper psychological care

  • Worried about protecting team from her state

  • Alarmed that this may get out of hand and into the press

  • Dread of possibly losing a key Manager/Siste

Resolution (6 x 1 hour sessions)

  • Facilitated her in recognising her anger and how it was affecting her attitude, particularly towards the general public and management

  • Enabled her to recognise how she had become a victim to both management and the general public

  • Assisted her in transforming her anger and fear of management and general public

  • Made it possible for her to take responsibility for her thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Supported her in loving herself at work ie becoming more present, aware of body language and what and how she speaks

  • Aided her in enjoying her work again

  • Empowered her to help her team in a similar manner


Case Study 4


Corporate employee being stalked by another employee (stalking was unknown to Management)

Corporation’s Concerns

  • Nervously wanting to unravel the complexity of what was going on

  • Fearfully wanting to contain it

  • Fretful that it may get out of hand

  • Anxious to help employee

Resolution (6 x 1 hour sessions)

  • Enabled her to recognise and transform anger she held and acted out

  • Supported her to recognise and change how she had become a victim of fear

  • Empowered her to take responsibility for her thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Facilitated her in loving herself ie becoming more present, aware of her body language, feelings and how she speaks at work

  • Made it possible for the other employee to stop stalking her

  • Assisted her in being happy at work again