Discovering the Miscommunication that prevents Your Joy!
(in business and at home)

Relationship Workshops

These are half and one day structured workshops on specific relationship themes and follow an established pattern working with some or all of the following…Imagery, roleplay, dance/movement, meditation, vocal expression and the 7 main Chakras: Crown, Third eye, throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. The workshops cover sexuality, self esteem, communication, awareness, being who you truly are, giving and receiving, gratitude and assist calm difficulties in a relationship with themselves and others:


Split attendees into threes to explore topic

Start by breathing silently for 3 minutes without speaking or thinking.

Movement/dance, etc

The workshop then explores: communication, building personal responsibility, handling misunderstandings, avoiding assumptions and getting people to accept how important it is to work with their feelings

Carry out one to one exercises on the topic, with onlookers being included and everyone benefiting



give feedback to other delegates and course leader