Discovering the Miscommunication that prevents Your Joy!
(in business and at home)

Business Mediation – “Why don’t they see it my way?”

Are these situations present in your business? A team member comes with a feeling of conflict, unusually angry or passive. Symptoms such as blame, or statements such as “It’s their fault.”, “He/she’s not listening to me.”, “I need to get this deal done and they are stopping me.”

We are all human beings. Whether at home or in business, emotions can cause conflict to arise, stopping decisions, reducing performance, and causing profit draining loss of direction.

From frozen assets to cash flow

I am Anita Jackson, Commercial Consultant, and it is my mission to help resolve hidden emotional or conflicting issues that derail performance and profits.

I will work by finding out what each person in your situation wants. Looking to solve the difficulties I will listen deeply to you, either singly or all stakeholders together. Situations I’ll uncover might include unforeseen disruptive effects of change, such as a promotion or resignation, staff jealousies, or cultural shifts created by the arrival of a new director or department head.

How I will work to help move you forward

I am frequently called in to business situations with two or more people at loggerheads. Often the issue is one person’s inability to see what the other person is trying to say, and often the inability of the other stakeholder to actually say what they really mean. Here I am actively working to understand and find a lightbulb ‘a-ha” moment or discover what might be missing, then replay the missing elements to see what the reaction might be.

To move ahead both people need to understand that a different way of working will give insights needed to change an approach. At the end of the session series, you will find yourself and your business in a much better place.

Why choose Anita Jackson, Commercial Consultant, to help move forward?

I am an intuitive consultant, with many years of experience. I will build a deep rapport with you and your team to get to the issue. Phones and interruptions are not permitted, with each session intense, and holistically focused. You will receive practical steps to work on between each session to help understand how to reduce profit draining conflict, be a better manager, or move forward in the deal.

Your path to deal with business conflicts starts here. Call us on 020 8440 0495 or email for more information, or to make a confidential appointment. Soon.

Anita Jackson is a trained consultant and has a PGDip Psychosynthesis Counselling and Teacher/Dip Imagework. She is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP, and UK Association of Transpersonal Counsellors).